Alphonso Whitaker, II

Sales Associate

After having earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from Florida State University, I relocated to Texas and joined the booming oil and gas industry with Schlumberger.

My 11 year career gave me the opportunity to travel all throughout Texas, as well as New York, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, while creating many great and lasting relationships. These relationships have contributed to my core value in my real estate career, by teaching me to cater to different people from all areas of life. Having gained experience in working with different levels of people from entry level to executives, and International clients, I understand the vast diversity in servicing many different clients.

My greatest relationship started in College Station where I connected with my marvelous wife, and now years later we have two beautiful children. All of my experiences have helped me to mold myself into the serving person I have become today. I am passionate, full of life, eager to help and always willing to learn. My clients come first, and I care for them as an extension of my family.

My passion and purpose revolve around family, as I am committed to helping your family achieve your dreams of home ownership, while creating long lasting lifetime relationships!