Angelica Fatany

Sales Associate

Angelica Fatany was born in the land of sweet people, “Sugarland Texas”. She has earned a reputation for her excellent customer service in the medical and energy industries. Coming from a blended family with roots in the Americas and Asia, she has learned to understand the role culture plays when representing both sellers and buyers.

Her familiarity of Houston and the surrounding area paired with her bilingual skills allow her to communicate critical information to both local and international clients.Angelica is her best in situations where important things such as values, judgment, feelings and emotions are involved. She takes pride in her ability to match client requirements with market realities.

Her client’s best interest is at the forefront when you work with her.Angelica is selfless at heart and full of faith. In her spare time she enjoys meditating, spending time with her family, and volunteering in her local community. She is an advocate for families, single parents, and orphans. With life experience beyond her years Angelica believes in a life of giving and paying it forward.