Jack Roth

Sales Associate

Jack Roth is more than my name; it's a commitment to excellence in diverse passions and professions. With a knack for engines and ecosystems, both at the hobby level and in allusion to my professional life, I have mastered the art of working under the hood (the gritty work of a transaction) and creating captivating underwater worlds (the emotional, feel-good service that clients experience).

As a dedicated car enthusiast, my hands-on approach to automotive care and research transforms vehicles into well-oiled symphonies of power, performance, and aesthetic balance. Beyond the garage, I’m also a seasoned aquarist, channeling my love for precision, data, and aesthetics into crafting breathtaking aquatic landscapes.

My expertise however, extends beyond hobbies. My career achievements have garnered attention in various domains. Being featured in "Candy's Dirt" October 2022 issue speaks volumes about the passion I have for my craft, and my ability to turn visions into reality. My commitment to my real estate clients is evident, I strive to make every transaction an exemplary experience.

In recognition of my dedication, I was honored with the Rising Star Award in 2022, as a testament to my continuous pursuit of excellence. With a heart as diverse as my interests, I am also a proud dog parent to a four-legged friend, Dipsy, hailing from Chiang Mai, Thailand, embodying my love for connection, both in my social circles, and around the globe.

Venturing beyond borders, my love of traveling has taken me to 11 countries and 13 states, broadening my horizons and enriching my perspective. When I’m not exploring new places or revving engines, I can be found in the kitchen, passionately whipping up culinary delights that reflect my passion for life. Additionally, a recent venture into bartending has allowed me to express my creativity in a new sense, and has allowed me the opportunity to express emotions via tasty drinks with harmonious flavor profiles.

Above all, my business philosophy revolves around a service-first approach, guided by a "helping hand" mindset. I firmly believe in giving before receiving in all aspects of life, but especially for my clients, who come to me in a time of need or opportunity.

Whether it's fine-tuning an engine, creating a thriving aquatic ecosystem, trying new recipes, or helping clients find their dream homes, my dedication to service and commitment shines through.