Robainie Abdul


Robainie Abdul is a dynamic and passionate professional with a diverse background in digital marketing, medical sales, and real estate. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Major in Psychology from Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, which gives her a unique set of skills that sets her apart in the industry.

Before joining the Thai Klam Team, Robainie worked as a marketing administrator virtual assistant for a real estate team in Pennsylvania. In this role, she was pivotal in managing marketing efforts, client engagement, and market research, providing her valuable insights into the real estate industry. She also worked as a marketing virtual assistant for a real estate coach based in Illinois, where she honed her skills in digital marketing and further developed her expertise in the real estate sector. In addition, she contributed to the success of a medical and hospital resources company in Cebu as a medical sales representative, demonstrating her ability to connect with clients in the healthcare sector.

Apart from her professional life, Robainie is an adventurer at heart. In her free time, she enjoys upskilling herself to stay ahead in her field. She also cherishes quality moments with her family and friends, often engaging in outdoor activities like badminton, hiking, and bicycling.